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Other Than Mother~The Launch

It seems official now.  The press has contacted me several times about my press release and an announcement will be made in the local paper about the movie screening as well as the Other Than Mother initiative.  The editor, a woman, seemed interested in where the money for the tickets would be going.  As I had to purchase the movie and will be providing refreshments I believe $5 to be a nominal fee.  I definitely am not doing this for profit!  I do hope that I will reap the benefits of discussing personal growth of mothers in a different manner, with a wealth of ideas for the book I’ve been working on.

The book was started nearly a year ago and came to a stand still in November when I wrote a novel.  I’ve found it difficult to piece together what I’m trying to say in the book.  I want it to be a quick, informative read about what makes it difficult for women with children to fulfill their own needs, how often we search for meaning at the girls night out at the bar(which I have no objection to if you need a fun night out) or a massage or just time away from our children.  Making the assumption though, that for most women this doesn’t fulfill them in anyway, just provides a break, is somewhat arrogant I suppose but I do trust that women have larger roles to fulful beyond mother.  Maybe larger isn’t the correct phrase either.  What I’m thinking is that we have something else to offer that leads us away from the martyr trap of motherhood into the well-rounded woman who happens to be a wonderful, fantastic mother and role model to her children.

As part of the initiative I am also hoping to give something to the fathers.  A chance to be all they can be as caretakers as well.  I believe men have a lot more to give as nurturers than they have ever been given credit for.  I think the opportunity to have the time to prove themselves able is imperative to the health of the entire family and of benefit to the mother.

I’m also hoping that when women return home after the movie, they will have found a way to not be upset at their husbands if the house is not as clean and tidy as when they left it or if the house is tidier, not to feel inadequate.  Remember we all have our own strengths and weaknesses to deal with and allowing our partners, male or female to be flawed is very important to personal growth.

I am very much looking forward to the event and hope to sell some more tickets.  So far I’ve only had one iquiry.  My posters aren’t up yet so maybe that will help.  I go tomorrow to 9 places around town to post.  And the papers come out on Wednesday and Thursday with my notices in them.  I’ll keep you posted!




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The Shift

The Shift is a new movie starring Dr. Wayne Dyer along with award winning actress Portia De Rossi and directed by Michael Goojian.  Beautiful Asilomar, California is the backdrop for this movie, a collection of several different storylines interwoven by the narration of Dr. Wayne Dyer as he teaches about life, love, happiness and peace. 

I chose this as my first Other Than Mother event because I felt it would be a great spring board to launch women into the journey to personal growth and discovery.  The story line of one particular character in the film exactly mirrors the dilemma faced by many women who have become mothers and lost who they really are as people.

The goal of Other Than Mother is to help women discover what it is that they love to do and try to do it.  Many women try to find their escape in superficial care taking, a manicure, a massage, a spa day, a shopping day but this type of event often has its place but it is only a temporary escape. 

Fitting in time for the passion of your life, whatever it is, a career, a hobby, sailing, running, writing, drawing is of utmost importance to the health of the woman and the family unit.

I liken the mother of the family to the rudder of a boat.  She keeps everybody on course.  But if she’s not cared for, damaged, bent the boat will not steer in the right direction. 

So the first step is identifying the passion.  The first seminar after the movie will be on that exact topic.  The speakers will be women who have found what they are passionate about and are doing it with family support and cooperation.

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Other Than Mother

We, as mothers,  are all things to all people.  But within this truth we often forget we must be all things to ourselves.   As mothers we often get bogged down in the day to day tasks of caring for our children, our lives are wrapped up emotionally and physically as well as spiritually within this most important role, that is at the same time, our most undervalued role.  As so much pollen on the wind we often find that in placing our hearts and our lives at the beck and call of these beautiful creatures we lose the sense of ourselves we were born with.  We lose our zest, our joy for things that are completely ours to love.  We forget to laugh and  jump and play for ourselves,  and wind up a player in the games of other people.

It’s not all our fault.  We’ve been trained to and biology determines that our instincts adhere us to our children for the protection of the species.  But the human animal is blessed with a conscious mind and the desire to fulfill our own destiny is strong and often in conflict with our lives leaving us empty at the end of the day.

Carving out time for our own personal joy and growth is imperative to our self-actualization as a human being.  We have to let go of the idea that we are in this alone and reach out to other women to connect and learn and grow, beyond our parenting roles.

Other Than Mother is my initiative to get women doing just that.  My goal is to have women all over the world organise events that explore this idea so that other women will be motivated and given the opportunity to express their own growth and development outside of their mothering roles.

The very first event for Other Than Mother takes place on June 5th, 2009 in Stratford Ontario.  It is the movie screening of The Shift, a new film starring Dr. Wayne Dyer, that explores personal growth and a shift away from doing into being who you authentically are.  Several of the storylines are particularly relevant for women.  There will be discussion, social time after the movie.

A series of such events will allow mothers to remove themselves physically from their mothering roles.  As these events unfold they will be talked about and reported on here in this space.

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