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First Event! Movie Screening of The Shift!

When I started planning the first event for my Other Than Mother initiative, the movie screening of The Shift, I was so excited.  I was talking to a friend of mine online and she said, having much experience in organising such events for mothers, you will have 10-12 people interested, you will have 5 that will be definite, several moms will have last minute child care issues, 1 will get sick and someone will show up that you hadn’t expected.  But the ones that show up will be the cream of the crop.  My friend(you know who you are) was exactly right, down to a cancellation due to a migraine and a cancellation for childcare.

We had 7 attendees including me.  With such a small group I thought I would give a brief bio of each of them because they have such wonderful lives and experiences to share.   Truly the cream of the crop!

Let’s start with the surprise guest.  Her name is Colleen.  She is visiting Canada from Australia for a year.  She came to spend that time with her dad and brought along her three children.  She is obviously, from the brief conversations we had, highly intelligent and well-versed in the ideas of Dr. Wayne Dyer and other personal growth gurus.  Please  send me your email Colleen, I forgot to get it last night but I think you will read this at some  point!   I would love to get to know you better and have you at some of our future events before you go back home!

Then there was my sister, Marie.   Marie has three daughters, my wonderful neices Megan, Michelle and Abigail.  I have been so fortunate to have her and the two younger girls as my house guests this past week.  Marie graduated from University with a degree in recreational phys-ed and also has a photography diploma and a business diploma from further studies over the years.  Most recently she applied to become an RCMP officer!  How brave, at 41, to even try such a venture but with the support of her family she is making a huge shift.  She will do the physical fitness test in August.  If she is accepted she will begin a rigourous 26 week training in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Her kids will miss her but what an inspiration for her daughters!  I’m very proud of her.

Then there is Deb.  Deb is a dear friend and the former editor of a community newspaper.  That’s where we met, back when I was manager of another department at the same newspaper.  We spent many weekends together travelling to Great Big Sea concerts and making complete fools of ourselves and laughing incessantly.  Deb now has a grand daughter who is the same age as my youngest daughter so we’ve got other more important games to play now.  Deb went back to school when her daughter was young to study journallism.  She is a brilliant and funny writer however after being “downsized”  with a decent severance she decided to take a bit of a sabatical.  As a result of that she studied meditation at the local Dharma centre and became a student of Buddhism.  She now works at the Waterloo Regional Dharma Centre organising retreats and events.  She is so happy in her work and it allows her the freedom to visit her granddaughter in Toronto frequently!

Roxanne is a friend of mine from here.  Originally from Toronto, she and her husband moved to Kitchener for ten  years before finally realising their dream of owning a farm. They bought a farm just outside of Tavistock where I live and they have one daughter, Hannah.  Her interests lie in organic farming, sustainable living, natural food and green lifestyle choices.  She will likely grow organic crops on her property down the road but right now her focus is on her very young daughter.  She has a quiet intelligence and peaceful essence.  We see each other weekly at our playgroups with the kids and I always look forward to it.

Darleen is my yoga teacher.  She is trained in Aruveda and Yoga and several of us here in town invited her to come teach us some basic yoga.  She is so warm and such a gentle, patient teacher, after half a dozen sessions we were all able to perform some basic yoga, enough to do a flow or routine for certain occasions, I regularly do sun salutations in the morning or other poses to aid in posture and flexibility.  I love how she teaches authentically incorporating the meditative/spiritual aspects of the practice.  Yoga is addictive.  You feel better when you do it so you can’t stop once you learn.  She has two children who blessed us with their presence about halfway through the movie.  They were incredibly well behaved.  Darleen’s child care option fell through but knowing how much she wanted to come, and knowing how quiet her children could be, they were welcomed as well. 

Dr. Tanya Chambers is a chiropractor who owns the facility we used for our screening.  She has two small children and her husband, also a chiropractor, works with her at the Stratford Wellness & Chiropractic Centre.  The centre hosts a variety of events, for the community and Tanya is a well known presence around the city for her involvement in community events.  She was completely generous in her time and allowed me to use the space free of charge, a gift I will be forever grateful for.  Her husband currently is sporting a fractured arm so she is covering for him as he heals, taking care of his patients as well as her own.  I’m in awe of her ability to do so with such calm and acceptance. 

After the movie we chatted about as we ate some refreshements and socialised.  I believe everyone enjoyed the move greatly, I know I did.  It was actually the first time I had sat through it in its entirety uninterrupted.  Tanya asked to borrow it which is exactly what we’re supposed to do.  Pass it on.  I consider that a success right there. 

On the way home my sister and I had a long talk about it.  The theme of spirituality that runs through the movie, the thread of  hope and peace that runs through the characters as they make the shift  from a life of ambition of strife and struggle for excess to a life of acceptance and peace seemed to speak to all of us equally but for different reasons.

I was reading a blog the other day that my friend writes and she had been speaking with a Cherokee Chief who put it this way.  “Spirituality is God speaking to man, Religion is man speaking to God”.  How very profound and how very true.  They are not mutually exclusive however the first is much easier for man because we simple need to be quiet, sit and allow, no rules, no regulations, no struggle.

So with greatest gratitude to the universe, wise Cherokee chiefs, my friends, and Dr. Wayne Dyer I say




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